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Adele Nozedar

Adele Nozedar


Full Name: Adele Nozedar
Nicknames: none
Date and Place of Birth: 7 August 1963 in Hull
Height: 5'6ish?
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Blonde
Favourite Foods: Cream, chocolate,
mint sauce
Favourite Drink: Flat dandelion and burdock
Favourite Film: Aguire, The Wrath of God
Favourite TV: Advertisements, especially Honey Monster
Favourite Bands: Roxy Music, Bauhaus, T Rex, Velvet Underground
Favourite Books: Le Morte D'Arthur - Thomas Mallory, Archy & Mehitabel - Don Maquis, Maupassant, Hesse
Favourite Joke: The only one I can remember that's not rude; in fact the first joke I ever heard. "Knock knock" "Who's there?" "Felix" "Felix who?" "Felix my lolly I'll bash him"
Favourite Clothes: Lurex, rubber, diamante and dead sheep
First Record Bought: I had "Sparky and his Magic Piano" when I was about four. Does this count?
First Gig Attended: Gary Glitter, Spa Royal Hall, Bridlington
Previous Jobs: Radio Journalism for Radio Humberside, bingo-caller, beachcomber, window dresser
Best Moment of Career So Far: Having a fan club
Heroes: Duran Duran
Heroines: Duran Duran
Likes: Food, money, flowers, cats, just a touch of sweat
Dislikes: Dirty milk bottles, politicians, beerguts
How Would You Describe Yourself: A very clever young girl
Favourite Artists: Dali, Hogarth, Odilion, Redon, Turner, religious paintings
Favourite Bible Tract: "Consider the lilies..."
Favourite Uniform: SS
Favourite Priest: Canon Pippet
Favourite Teacher: Mr Beaumont

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